Need a Reboot?

Our 21 Day Soul Recharge Challenge will help boost your energy, give you tools for realigning your soul, and bring power to your day for just a buck a day!

Our challenge starts off with assessing some areas you would like to work on or habits you would like to give up and refill that energy with something more healthy and soulful.

You have the option of purchasing the workbook to do the 21 Day Challenge on your own or with a group of friends. Or you can join our online community and feel the support from others in our global family.  Or … do both, get the workbook AND join our online community!

Each day you will receive a new “Charge Card” with an activity aimed at recharging you. You’ll dip into each of the bodies of the Medicine Wheel – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the end of 21 days you will have an abundance of new tools in your toolbox and the wisdom to implement them into your life more permanently.

Soul Recharge Workbook

You can join us for the live event while not having the workbook, or you can purchase the workbook separately through Amazon and have it to record your experience as we go through the Challenge together as a group. If you miss the live challenge, you can always purchase the book and do the challenges at your leisure. The workbook does contain teachings which will not be offered in the live group.

Join the Challenge

21 Days, $21

Join the challenge live with a community of like minded people who span the globe. We begin the journey of 21 days on October 10. Sign up now and get started on some pre-challenge exercises and get to know your community!

October 10 – October 31, 2018

Once you purchase your enrollment, you will receive a link to the private Facebook Group. You must have a Facebook account to participate with us in the live group.



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