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The Soul Sessions

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the sessions below. This is an investment in your soul growth, and I want you to feel comfortable with it. All sessions are held via Zoom.

Emotional Healing | Soul Recovery

Emotional Integration

Cost $175 | 75-90 Minutes

There has never been a session that is more powerful than the Emotional Integration Session. Many who have participated in it have said that it is comparable to 20 years of therapy combined. Emotions can get stuck in our bodies – both physically and energetically – and they must be moved out in order for us to reach our highest potential. This is in order to overcome the blocks, fears, and emotions that obstruct us. Deep and transformative, this session will leave you feeling lighter, freer, and able to access your joy more easily.

We usually work with one emotion during each session. I do not recommend working with more than two emotions within a month because you need time to process, integrate, and shift the energy before moving on to another.

Coaching | Medicine Wheel

Shamanic Coaching

Cost $150 | 60-75 Minutes

In this session, you will be able to see our experience through the lens of the Medicine Wheel or take it to the wheel. Throughout the Medicine Wheel, energy is constantly shifting around the Wheel and its directions act as powerful incubators. In some cases, this energy can manifest itself in patterns of behavior that we do so often that they become apparent (and manifest themselves).

I will help you to see the situations arising for you through the lens of the Medicine Wheel, and we will discuss your blocks, your emotions, how you approach them, and what you have done or not done, so that you will gain a much clearer understanding. Also, I will help you create an action plan so that you can begin cultivating a heart-centered life, moving you out of the pattern. Expect homework (I call it Soul Work).

Soul Recovery

Soul Recovery

Cost $150 | 60-75 Minutes

We experience Soul Loss when we are traumatized or impacted and our psyche protects us from the experience. When left unchecked, these lost pieces can lead to a range of “symptoms” that make us feel incomplete and depleted. While I advocate for folks to learn how to recover their own soul pieces, sometimes it is helpful to seek the help of someone to help bring these pieces back.

During this session, I’ll guide you on a guided journey to find the pieces of your soul that are willing to return at this time. We’ll probably retrieve one or two significant pieces that will give you a lot to work with once it’s finished. The advantage of this session is that you will not only be able to regain those pieces but will also be able to participate actively in them.


Personal Meditation

Cost $150 | 30 Minutes

Meditations are my thing, I love creating them, and love taking people on a soul-searching journey with them as well. Sometimes guided meditations help us to achieve different things, but maybe they just miss the mark, they don’t quite meet what we need. One of my superpowers right now is creating meditation, and I thrive at it. My goal is to guide you through a meditation specific to YOUR needs, with your name and your areas of focus. The meditation will be facilitated live during our session, and you’ll receive the recording so you can continue the journey whenever you like.

You’ll fill out a form that will give me some guidance for our journey. On the day of your appointment, I’ll ask if there are any additional items or changes you’d like to make.

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