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Welcome to our Soul Shop, where you can discover a collection of guided immersive meditations and luminary courses designed to empower your soul growth and help you tap into shamanic wisdom. Our shop offers over 150 guided meditations, each carefully crafted to guide you on a journey towards deeper self-awareness, healing, and transformation.


Led by renowned shamanic practitioner/teacher and meditation teacher Dakota Earth Cloud Walker, the guided meditations are known for their immersive style that allows you to immerse yourself in the story and visuals, and experience the journey as if you were there in person. With authentic sounds and guided instructions to take you to the depths of your soul, our meditations offer a unique and transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and empowered.

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Luminary Soul Courses

Shake Your Soul Awake – a 12 Day Quest for Magic

Enrollment Open Now
12 Sessions

In this enchanting journey, we will explore the mystical rituals that exist within the ordinary moments of our lives, and learn how to breathe energy back into the magic that surrounds us. From the flutter of a butterfly’s wings to the whisper of the wind in the trees, we will learn how to connect with the natural world and harness its energy for our own magical workings.

Visionary Meditation & Ritual Immersion

13 Weeks
Enrollment Ongoing

Our Visionary Meditation Immersion is designed to help you tap into your inner truth and uncover the dreams that have been lying dormant within you. This curated list of 13 meditations is carefully crafted to build on each other, taking you on a journey towards discovering your sacred purpose. Each meditation session in this immersion includes a guided meditation, a short teaching, and a ritual to help you anchor your experience.

Visionary – Soul Warrior Training

9 Weeks
Enrollment Ongoing

The Visionary Soul Warrior Training is a 9-week program that takes participants on a deep dive into the East direction of the Medicine Wheel. The East direction is associated with new beginnings, the power of intention, and manifestation. Participants learn how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, tap into their intuition, and align themselves with their true purpose. They also discover how to set powerful intentions, use visualization techniques, and connect with their spirit guides to manifest their desires.

Threaded Prayers: A Workshop on Crafting a Sacred Prayer Talisman

9 Weeks
Starts April 14, 2023

Manifest your prayers and intentions. Over the course of several weeks, you will craft a beautiful prayer talisman, infused with your own energy, intentions, and prayers. Each week, you will string together various beads, natural items, buttons, and other decorative elements to form a unique and personalized prayer talisman. The ritual and prayer involved in the process will infuse each string with your energy, making it a powerful tool for manifestation and transformation.

Shake My Soul Awake: An Embodied Exploration

09 Weeks
Opens April 16, 2023

The Shake My Soul Awake is a powerful and transformative journey that helps individuals bring ritual and magic back into their lives. The course is designed to assist people in living their lives within the context of the Medicine Wheel, a sacred circle that represents the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Throughout the course, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, learning how to live in harmony with the natural world and connect with their inner wisdom.

Shaman’s Rattle Magic

The Shaman’s Rattle Magic course is a seven-session program will guide you through the process of creating your own rattle using traditional methods and natural materials. Each unit will take you on a spiritual journey, exploring rituals and intentions that infuse your rattle with powerful energy. By the end of the course, you will have a potent and sacred tool that is uniquely yours.


Dreamscapes is a 10-week online course that delves into the fascinating world of dreams to help you unlock their full potential and meaning. The course covers Dreamtime, Astral Traveling, Shapeshifting, Lucid Dreams, and the Akasha. It includes a downloadable Dream Tracker journal, exercises, full teachings, and rituals to help you navigate and understand your dreams.

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