“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.”
Helen Keller

At the end of our incarnations, the most we can hope to leave this life with is with the love of our family, and with the friends who become family – not by blood but by heart. Leaving the mountains, I had a few possessions, my dog Issie, and an open invitation to stay with my dear friends Steve and Kathie on their horse farm. Kathie and I share the common bond of kayaking, and horses. Both are soothers to my soul and a tonic to my heart breaking.

The horse has always been a strong power/helping animal for me. In times I needed strength with gentleness, the horse energy found it’s way to my heart. I remember many years ago while farm sitting for Kathie and Steve, I stood at the stall of Pearl who I have always known was one of my soul mates in this lifetime. I had been going through a heartbreak at that time as well. Tears streaming down my face which turned to the deep sobs that morphed out of the abyss of hurt, came hurtling out. I moaned and cried, sobbed and writhed – letting it all go. Pearl came over, she nudged me with her head and then leaned into me until my forehead was against hers. She let me sob for as long as I needed to, she held that space for me. I don’t know if you have ever experienced such kinship with an animal, I wish for you to feel that many times in your life but even if only once then that will be enough to carry with you for the rest of your days. I carry that moment with me still.

Coming to Steve and Kathie’s this time, with another heart break, felt like home. Their home and land, their friendship and comfort, the animals all allowed me a place to fall apart as I brought myself back together.

During all of this time, I still had to work. I still had to teach. And I wanted to, my work and the Mentorship is the place I can pour so much of me into. To create a similar place where people can come in and fall apart as needed, and bring themselves back together. Living deep in the Francis Marion forest, internet connection, however, is the only connection that one must struggle to find. I taught my live calls outside in the field, with Topaz the large, gentle white stallion.

He stole the show. I think those classes on that one day in the field will forever be one of my most favorites with Topaz leaning his head over mine, looking at himself on the screen, and giving each and every one of us a good, healthy dose of horse medicine.

When looking through the lens of the Medicine Wheel, my time at the farm had nearly each of the directions at play. From the North perspective, I was connected deeply to the spiritual essence of the horses and the dogs and also being surrounded by nature, which for me is a great healer. I began kayaking again, which brought in the element of the West direction with that physicality, and exercise but tied into the north, it became the vehicle by which I connected even deeper to spirit. And then the South, with the influence of my relationship to Steve and Kathie, to myself, to the animals, and in the continued shift of my relationships back in the mountains. As the directions ebbed and flowed, they created this synergistic energy that helped me to heal.

The East energy was percolating too although, at the time I was on the farm, I didn’t know how much the East was stirring until later … not until I arrived at Chessey Creek.





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