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As part of your certification as a Shamanic Transpersonal Coach, you are required to log 75 hours of community/volunteer time. The purpose for this is to 1) give back to the world and provide a bit of good in the world and 2) to allow you the opportunity to create sacred space for someone in need. This is not only good practice, but it will also fill your heart with gratitude.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Some ideas for volunteer opportunities:

  • Go to a nursing home and visit the elderly – you could even read them stories
  • Serve food at your local soup kitchen (during non-holiday times when they need it the most!)
  • Become a Big Brother/Sister to a child
  • Spend time helping youth at risk
  • Donate time to work on a Habitat project

These are the requirements for becoming a Certified Shamanic Transpersonal Coach through Gaia Wisdom School:

  • Complete the coursework of the program
  • 3 day Vision Quest
  • A thesis on your Sacred Purpose (minimum 3000 words)
  • Perform 75 hours of selfless community/volunteer time (log your hours in the appropriate tab)
  • Attend 5 online group sessions (Live Calls are every other week – check the calendar for dates)
  • 25 Clinic Hours (logged with evaluation forms)

Use this link to provide to your practice session clients. Ask them to fill out an evaluation form for you after your session.

As part of your certification to become a Shamanic Transpersonal Coach, you are required to log 25 hours of practice sessions. Your clinic hours will begin AFTER you have completed the Elements module of the Transpersonal Coaching Course.


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