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Soul Shaman Immersion

Luminary Immersive Course

Embark on a unique journey within and beyond yourself with this immersive meditation experience.

Step into the spiritual realms to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, & more. We’ll utilize powerful practices like breathwork and trance to get you there – allowing for shape-shifting & astral travel along the way.

Starts January 23, 2023

Shaman's Rattle Magic

Luminary Immersive Course

This interactive 6-week course gives you the opportunity to create something special and magical. With guidance from Dakota, you’ll make your own special shamanic rattle in a way that honors and celebrates each stage of the process. Every step of your creation is infused with intention, prayer, and connection for a truly transformational experience.

Starts March 11, 2023

Dream My Soul Awake

Luminary Core Course

This seven-day live event provides clarity and helps you build the foundation necessary to create your dream reality. Along with learning intention building, imprinting your quantum field, and powerful ritual writing tools, you’ll get meaningful meditations designed to tune you into the vibrations of dreams that are ready to manifest – plus divination tools to track progress.

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Luminary Core Programs – North Direction

SWT: Soul Shaman-North

Luminary Core Course

The shaman lives within each of us, and through our spiritual path, we can uncover our spirit guides, past lives, soul themes, and lost soul fragments.

In a Soul Shaman session, we spend time inward and work with the spiritual realms, our spirit guides, and our higher self.


Luminary Core Course

Discover your inner world with Dreamscapes—a revolutionary 11-session program that enables you to explore the realm of dreams like never before. Whether you’re curious about lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, or working with the Akasha, this course will answer your questions, awaken your curiosity, and provide you a greater understanding of yourself through your dreamworld – daydreams, sleep dreams, soul tracking, journeying, and meditation.

Cosmology of Shamanic Realms

Luminary Core Course

During this transformative series, you will learn how to access and explore these sacred realms by learning how to become a successful shapeshifter. You’ll also gain insight into how to use trance techniques to work with your spirit guides, your power animal, and spirits from other worlds. Furthermore, you’ll gain an understanding of how each realm can be a powerful source of healing – both personally and collectively.

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