The Sorting Hat

In the Soul Warrior Training, you will have an opportunity to join a small focus group called a Luminary Circle. You will take a quiz, a bit like Harry Potter Sorting Hat, to find where the best fit will be for you. There will never be more than 13 people to a Luminary Circle to ensure an intimate setting for you to get to know your tribemates, be witnessed, flesh out ideas, and such.

At the end of each session, you will have the choice to stay where you are or change your Luminary Circle.

Choose up to TWO circles you would like to join(Required)
You will be assigned to ONE of your two choices.

Cosmic Tree

Explore the themes of the North Direction which include astral travel, journeying, meditation, spiritual practices, introspection, spirit guides, higher-self work, ancestral healing, and all things spiritual.

Mystic Sanctuary

Explore the energies of the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel which includes inspiration, communication, dreams, goals, manifesting, career house, mental body, written word, poetry, new beginnings, birth, prayer, planting seeds, quantum imprinting, and more.

Crow's of Avalon

Explore the energies of Father Sky of the Medicine Wheel which include working with ancestors, spirit guides, soul-tracking, alien energy, the oversoul, 4th and 5th dimensions, higher self, astral travel, gods and goddesses, ascended masters, archetypal energy, and more.

Luminous Dragons

Explore the energies of the Earth Direction of the Medicine Wheel which includes working with plant devas, fairies, nature spirits. Also, advocating for the earth, deeper connections between spirit and earth, nature exercises, middle world work, finding the magic in life, and more.

Fireflies of Mossy Stone

Explore the themes of the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel which include relationships, intuition, vibrancy, art, creativity, sensuality, intimacy, emotions, sacral chakra, nurturing, self-love, and growth.

Fairies of Willow Forest

Explore the themes of the Medicine Wheel from the Center of the Wheel, which includes oneness, collective energy, balance, utilizing all the directions, expansion, and deeper wisdom.

Silver Oak Grove

Explore the themes of the West Direction of the Medicine Wheel which includes healthy boundaries, gratitude, transformation, physical world, sacred space, self-care, witchcraft, Druidry, manifestation, soul recovery, plant medicine/teachers, and more!


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