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Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Dakota is an international teacher, author, speaker, and the founder of Gaia Wisdom School. She has trained with notable shamans in both the United States and in Ireland. She is certified in Shamanic Breathwork through Venus Rising School with Linda Star Wolf and is a Certified Trance Dance facilitator through Ernesto Ortiz. Dakota has worked in the Shamanic Arts for over 25 years and is a renowned teacher for the Medicine Wheel Teachings based on Celtic, and Druidic Spirituality. Dakota has also been certified as a Celebrant through The Order of Ovates, Bards, and Druids based out of Wales, England.

Dakota’s teachings and meditations have helped to change the lives of many people and are a celebrated and beloved Meditation Coach known globally.

From Dakota:

In the nearly 30 years that I have taught personal development and spiritual courses, the Medicine Wheel or Sacred Wheel is by far the most powerful tool I have ever worked with.

When I began building Gaia Wisdom School, I had a very strong intention of helping people to find their power, to rise to their full potential, and to offer folks tools they can use every single day and in every single moment – to inspire folks to become and embody their sacred purpose, not just give it lip service or to constantly be struggling to obtain it.

In my working life, I hold many titles and certificates – Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Master Ritualist, Trance Dance Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, and Mom to a trio of beautiful 4 legged teachers. I wear many hats ranging from nomadic Shaman, Horse whisperer, business owner and entrepreneur, avid kayaker and adventure seeker, and tech queen.

I’ve trained with remarkable teachers including one of the last living Hopi Medicine Men, Shamans in Ireland, and Arizona. I’ve studied exclusively with Dr. Ted Baroody, the founder of Holographic Health. I’ve studied with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids based out of Wales. But the greatest teacher I’ve ever found are the students who come with a deep desire to face the wounds, blast through the fear, walk through the fires, stand firmly as they embark on living the best life possible, and to live deeply and suck the marrow out of life. I am constantly inspired and humbled.

I feel fortunate to be here today, to be living this life, to be with these brave students of life, and to be witness to so many incredible hero’s journeys.

I could tell you more, talking about myself is NOT one of my strong suits. So if you want more, click here.



Fun, Interesting Facts About Dakota

  • Traveled 33,243 miles last year on an epic road adventure
  • Serious rock hound
  • 65th Great Grandfather founded Scotland
  • Worked as a professional river guide in Utah
  • Been known as a horse whisperer
  • Have a 30-year ongoing love affair with coffee
  • Have owned and operated my own business for 30 years (hence the coffee affair)
  • Used to be a web designer “for fun”, and still am …
  • Had a pet deer, Buddha, that I raised from day one
  • Was a Massage Therapist to many stars and professional athletes
  • You’ll never catch me wearing pink
  • Have no tolerance for bullying
  • I’ve had nearly 2 million people listen to my meditations

Morrigan RavenHeart

Shamanic Coach

Morrigan RavenHeart has long felt the call of deep spirituality and communion with nature.  She was raised in the Bible Belt of the southern United States and was taught as a child that all spirituality must come from one religion.  She tried, for many, many years, she tried.  She was given the titles of Deaconess, Worship Team Member and even Elder, but the labels never quite fit right.  Life events gave Morrigan the opportunity to shed those labels and discover who she really is.  She discovered that first, shedding those labels isn’t as easy as one might think, and second, she had no idea how to find her true self.

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Team Gaia - Lee Ann

Lee-Ann Connors

Support Team

Lee-Ann joined the Mentorship 2 years ago as a student and last year joined the “behind the scenes” team to assist with tech issues, quality control, and too many other things to list here. She has been nicknamed “Eagle Eye” for her ability to catch anything that needs fixing! Lee-Ann wasn’t always in the tech/QA field. She has also sold popcorn at the movies, been a chambermaid, call center rep which ultimately led to her path into the tech field. She also started a Holiday Gift Giving project for a local homeless shelter, she has always had a big heart for small kids.


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Fun, Interesting Facts About Morrigan

  • Left-handed
  • Loves to hike and be out in nature
  • Book Dragon – as opposed to Book Worm
  • Collects and is passionate about antique books
  • Adopted at birth
  • Worked as an Estimator in the Re-Construction industry
  • Has a beautiful 13 month-old grandson
  • Loves to re-finish & re-purpose old furniture & other stuff
  • Ordained Minister
  • Reads “Tale of Two Cities” every year for her birthday
  • Does most home repairs herself

Fun, Interesting Facts About Lee Ann

  • Avid collector of crystals
  • Celebrates birthday’s with Mickey
  • Makes bath salts and bug sprays for fun
  • Can spot a typo 5 miles away
  • Taller than most people think
  • Hates avocados
  • Been in tech industry 25+ years
  • Has a thick Boston accent
  • Only child who read a book a day
  • Named after Lee Petty and Leeroy Yarbrough
  • Wanted to teach Kindergarten
  • Loves water


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