Temple of the Soul

In this Guided Immersion, you will travel the Medicine Wheel to explore the edges of your soul and assist you on the journey back to the wisdom within. For the next ten sessions, I’ll lead you through re-discovering the Divine You, and to find the clarity that will help you walk the path destined for your soul through shadow work, working with your future self, and taking a vision quest to reconnect to the spiritual realms.

You will have guided meditations, exercises for integration, journal prompts, and tips throughout your immersion.

Creating Sacred Space

Before you begin your journeys, take time to create sacred space. Plan with intention when you will journey, prior to your meditation time, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy, clean foods. This will allow you to be a clean vessel for receiving messages.

Each unit will include a different tip in creating space but it will be beneficial to you to have some set rituals in place that help you to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually prepare for your time.

Create a dedicated meditation space where you will be uninterrupted. To create sacredness, you may consider having an altar that has items representing your spiritual path, spirit guides, power animals, ancestors, and anything you feel connected to. It’s a good idea to clean/revitalize your altar with each equinox or solstice. Your space should feel warm, inviting, and be clutter-free. You may want to light candles, or have incense burning. With each unit, I will have a suggested herb or incense to burn to elicit various energies.

To emotionally create sacred space, choose a time for your practice that is stress-free where you won’t worry about an impending appointment or place you need to be. I wouldn’t suggest going into your meditative zone if you have just had an argument or are dripping in anger unless your intention for the meditation is to free yourself of the energy and learn from it. Journeying when you are in a neutral emotional state will allow you to access the meditative state more readily.

Just as with the emotional body, your mental body will benefit from being clear of excessive over-thinking, impending to-do lists floating through your mind, and overall mental clutter. For me, what I have found effective is a visual I’ve used for years. Anytime I go to my meditation space, or a classroom to teach, I conjure up a mental image of a “sh*t shelf” outside the door and before I cross the threshold into my space, I leave all my mental and emotional clutter on the shelf. I metaphorically leave it all outside the door so I can do my work while being clear. I have the option to pick back up anything I need to once I leave.

Entering the Meditation Space

Each journey ties into the next and along this path we work with various intentions. It is helpful to think about the intention you wish for each journey and add to it the caveat “or whatever is in my highest good.” Sometimes we think we know what we want or need but we are working with a limited view of the larger picture. Our guides know what is best for us and with that addon to your intention, you give them permission to work beyond the scope of your intention only.

Each unit I will give you the prompt to create your intention, ideas for proper intentions for the particular journey we are working with, and a description of the journey you’ll be doing. I will also add tips for creating a meaningful journey or tips for meditation in general.

Journey Tip

These guided meditations are best done with headphones. I like to layer music and sounds to create an immersive experience. When using headphones, you can easily fall into the meditation deeply while your external world drops away for the time.

The Journey - Going Within

Length: 20:41
In the North Direction, we retreat inward, to reconnect to our spiritual team and to our soul. In today’s journey we go inward and tap back into the wisdom that sits at the seat of our soul.


Our journeys are dynamic, meaning that they will continue to evolve outside the meditation space. Think of the journey as an opening and once you’ve journeyed, you’ve opened the door for the messages to float in as needed. It’s helpful to integrate what you receive and to also look for the subtle changes, or continuation of messages once your journey has been complete.

Journal Prompt

Integration continues in the journal space as well. You’ll be given a journal prompt/inquiry that will give you an added dimension to your journey. I suggest a few ways of working with your journal prompt.

  1. Read the prompt and immediately journal a non-stop stream of conscious “conversation” where you are answering the prompt from a sub-conscious space. This is a great way to channel your guides, or higher self and receive a more complete answer or observation.
  2. Read the prompt in the morning, go about your day, and at the end of the day before Dreamtime, journal about the prompt while including things that happened to you during the day in relation to the prompt given.
  3. Use the journal prompt as a conversation starter between you and a loved one and open the dialog between you. Often it will create sacredness in your relationship while also giving you an opportunity to hear differing thoughts and thereby expanding your awareness.


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