The Sorting Hat

Welcome to the Sorting Hat, just like Harry Potter!

The Soul Warrior Training is rich with community, ideas, inspiration, depth, and wisdom. While you are here on your journey around the Medicine Wheel, I’ve created several smaller Luminary Circles, each with its own forum to talk and get to know one another. As a group, you will share common interests, so engaging in conversation will be pertinent as to where you are on your current path.

There can never be more than 13 people in a Luminary Circle so the option to join a different circle will be contingent on spaces being available. If there are openings, you may change your Luminary Circle at the start of the new direction.

During the 9 week session, your group will have a small group meeting with me. This session can be group coaching, or your group can request a mini-workshop to go deeper into one area of interest.

Take the test below, once submitted we will review your answers and “sort you out” into the appropriate house.

Below are the 12 Luminary Circles

Transformers, Re-Birthers

The Crow’s Feather

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Dragon Falls

Magic Seekers

The Fairy Forest

Artists, Creatives, WayFinders

Firefly Thicket

Activists, Social Changers, New World Leaders

Luminary River

Writers, Poets, Storytellers

Mossy Stone Cove

Solitary Path Walkers

Mount Mystic

Students of Plant Teachers

Silver Sage Meadow

Witches, Druids, Wiccans, Pagans

Wild Oak Grove

Trance Journeyers, Meditators, Astral Travelers

The Enchanted Tree

Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Counselors

Soul Sanctuary

Tantra, Passion, Vulnerability Seekers

Willow Creek


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