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Hello Dakota!

I was so happy to hear how you listen for messages from your guides while not actually journeying as we know it, but by paying attention and being aware of your surroundings. I must say that my guides speak louder to me when I am not actually journeying, but when I am just staying aware during awake time. They also are most clear when they come to me while I am in a sort of dream state, like just falling asleep or just waking up. Their messages are VERY clear to me then, and the ‘dream’ is much more vivid than what I would call a ‘normal’ dream. And I don’t go in search of them or ask for messages, they come to me and present their information, oftentimes concerning issues I had on my mind as I fell asleep.

It seems I either read or heard a recording of Sandra Ingerman once saying that the veil is getting so thin that some of us can commune with our guides without the need for ceremony. Have you heard anything like that, or do you know others like that? Keep up the great work! So much of what you say and do resonates within me. Thank you!



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