Manatee State Park : The Gentle Giants & Huge Lessons

For the first time in over 3 decades, I have stepped foot into McDonald’s for the free wifi! The earth is rumbling!

I landed here two nights ago, last night was bitter cold and I ended up adding as many clothes as possible to sleep in. It reminds me to lean into that West Direction energy to be more aware of my physical space and needs. Being on this soulful journey, I feel like I have focused much on what the lessons might be, the places to go, etc without being fully prepared physically for this challenge. So West energy …. I’m focusing on you for a bit, get myself geared up!

The South Direction popped it’s head up the first night I was here. I had a total melt down in my tent, sobbing. All around me were people laughing, having a great time, sitting around their fires and there I was, alone in my tent with no cell signal to even reach out to anyone in my tribe. So I cried. And I asked for the strength. I leaned into my south energy to focus on the relationships I do have, and to find that deep gratitude I have for each person in my life whether they are present or not, that even afar I can choose to feel that connection even if only energetically.

The next morning (yesterday) a man walked past my site and quickly came back … he liked my kayak. He struck up a conversation with me and for over an hour Scott and I talked about life, our relationships, our journey, our most memorable memories, and the best things about our life. He stood there in his pajamas, and it was as if we had known each other a long time. We laughed, we compared our travel journeys and he reminded me of places I want to go and kayak. He too is on a journey, no destination in mind but 6 weeks to just wander.

Thank you Spirit Guides for Scott.

I walked down to the dock to see the Manatee, and there Scott was again. Along with another family – Mom, Dad and Gracie. Gracie introduced herself to me, she is all of 10 with big beautiful eyes. She watched the manatee in such excitement. Not soon into it, she was wanting the next thing – can we go canoeing? She begged.

Her mom, Beth, reminded her “Gracie, remember what I said? Be in this present moment. Enjoy this moment you are in right now.”

Thank you, Spirit Guides for Gracie and Beth.

I was mesmerized by the manatee, and the hundreds of black vultures who lined the trees around the water as if they were the protectors. The sound of their flapping wings, and the sound of the breath of the manatee struck me as such a beautiful expression of the Air Element – both in such a different and yet profound way. I couldn’t stand it any longer and needed to go get my kayak, so I could be with the manatee and not just an observer.

Thank you, Air Element, and Vulture, and Manatee

I paddled out to the Manatee and for the next 2 hours, I just watched and sat, and was in such a state of gratitude. Gracie and her parents were on their canoe, we took photos of each other, so we could each have a memory of this moment. Two other women and their dogs were paddling in their canoe and the Manatee were enthralled with the dog, and vice versa. I took photos of the Manatee coming out of the water to nearly touch the dogs nose. It was so wonderful to me to see people be so excited about these wild creatures, we each simply watched and were amazed at their size and their gentleness.

Thank you, humans, for wanting to connect to such beautiful animals.

I learned there was wi-fi at the concession stand near the spring, so I gathered my computer up and the only plug available was at a picnic table where a man sat. I asked if I could share the table, and he seemed grateful for the company. The moment I sat down and for the next hour, neither one of us did anything on our computers and instead were immersed in conversation about the consciousness of humanity. He too has studied shamanism and we talked at length about bringing such teachings to others. Gregg from Nantucket is also on a journey with no end in sight. He felt the calling to leave Nantucket, get a van and just follow the signs.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for bringing me the people and confirmations needed to carry on.

I had dinner and fire with Gregg, and a plump raccoon who wanted to share in our feast. I went to bed finally and didn’t feel so alone anymore. I layered up as the night went on and in my dream state woke up to the sound of wrestling behind my tent followed by the solid hoots of a nearby owl.

I peeked out my window to see the same 4 deer who had visited the night before, foraging in the bush behind my tent.

Thank you Owl, for guarding me. Thank you, Deer, for holding that space for me.
And thank all of you, for your patience, love, support, and for being my tribe.

What I have learned most in the past few days is that when I follow the signs, I’m absolutely guided.
When I go into that fear, and dark mode, I go downhill. I need to remember this.


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