Trance & Ecstatic Posture

Guided Immersive Journeys

Entering a trance state through meditation or breathwork can bring many benefits to our well-being. It can provide us with a deep sense of calm, promote physical and emotional healing, and allow us to connect with our spiritual selves. In a trance state, we can explore the non-ordinary reality and receive guidance and insight from our spirit guides or higher self.


One way to achieve a trance state is through the practice of ecstatic posture, a technique that involves holding a specific body position for a prolonged period of time. This can induce altered states of consciousness and activate the body’s natural healing abilities. The experience can be intense, but the benefits can be profound, as it can release trapped emotions, clear blockages in the body, and promote physical healing.


Meditation teacher, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker utilizes the energy of the North and the power of breathwork and posture to help people enter a trance state and experience the benefits of this practice. Through her guidance, people can discover the power of their breath and use it to quiet their mind, enter a state of deep relaxation, and access the wisdom of their inner selves. She also teaches people how to use ecstatic posture as a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

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