Length: 33:01  – This is Part One of a Three Part Series

In our private Facebook Group, we do a live meditation and based on the desires of the group that night, I weave a meditation together that not only brings in the elements of those attending the meditation, but is also aligned with the current energy of the Medicine Wheel.

In this meditation, we travel to the ocean where we create a sacred circle and call in the energies of the directions. We “disrobe” of our roles, labels, expectations, regrets, and more so that we can be fully naked in our authenticity. We then connect with the lunar energy of this time, and rise up the energy of the Sacred Feminine within.

We do not close out this meditation, instead you will go through this next week as a curious observer of your life to see what you would like to keep or discard. Your meditation journey will continue in Part Two.

We also use some shamanic breathwork in this meditation.

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  1. Jackie 5 years ago

    I felt light as a feather, as soon as I stripped all the “what I ams”…everything was easy to remove after that…just felt like a spirit….probably just like just before birth. This is beautiful and regenerating… Thank YOU!

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