Welcome to the Captivating World of Shamanic Breathwork

A powerful and transformative practice designed to awaken your inner healer, connect you to your higher self, and unlock your true potential


This ancient technique combines conscious, rhythmic breathing with evocative music, guiding you on a profound inner journey towards self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.


As you embark on this path, you can expect to experience a myriad of benefits. Shamanic Breathwork can help release emotional blockages, promote deep relaxation, and create space for personal insight and self-awareness. It has the power to cultivate greater mental clarity, enhance creativity, and foster a stronger connection to your intuition and spiritual guidance.


Throughout the session, the virtual space will be gently guided and held by experienced facilitators who will support you in navigating the depths of your consciousness. You may encounter vivid imagery, memories, or emotions, all of which serve as valuable opportunities for growth and transformation. Trust the process and surrender to the wisdom of your breath, knowing that each journey is unique and will unfold exactly as it is meant to.


As you embrace this inspiring and heartfelt practice, you’ll find yourself forging a deeper connection with your authentic self, and uncovering the limitless potential that resides within. Welcome to Shamanic Breathwork, where profound change and inner growth await.

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Embracing Transformation: The Virtual Breathwork Journey Experience

A virtual breathwork session offers the unique opportunity to embark on a transformative journey from the comfort of your own home while still benefiting from the support and guidance of experienced facilitators. To prepare for your session, you will be enrolled in a breathwork prep course, which provides essential information such as a list of items you’ll need, steps to set up a safe and sacred space, and instructions for integrating your experience through art, journaling, and grounding techniques.

During the session, you will log into a private Zoom room, where our team of 2-3 facilitators will hold space for your breathwork journey. While you breathe on your own, the immersive music will be expertly curated and facilitated by Dakota, creating a powerful backdrop for your experience. To maintain privacy, the Zoom room will be set in focus mode, ensuring that only the facilitators are visible to the participants.

The breathwork session typically lasts between 60 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. Afterward, you have the option to remain in our virtual space to create your artwork, soaking up the collective energy and continuing to benefit from the supportive environment.

Guided by Wisdom: The Expertise of Our Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators

Our skilled facilitators work energetically with the group, addressing any needs that arise without interfering with individual processes. Each facilitator is trained in Shamanic Breathwork and is also a certified Luminary Circle Keeper and Shamanic Coach through Gaia Wisdom School. This ensures that you receive the highest level of support and guidance throughout your virtual breathwork journey.


Meet Your Breathwork Guides

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Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Condor Winged Heart

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Jess Lenzi

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Morrigan Ravenheart

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Munira van der Zijl

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Cindy Glennon

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Jesse Hutchens

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

The Luminary Circle Leaders are available for helping you to process and integrate your Art Process in a 30 minute session. If you are interested in adding to this to your experience, you will have an option both at checkout, and after the session. 

“Embrace the sacred rhythm of your breath, as it guides you on a shamanic journey to the depths of your soul, unlocking the boundless potential that resides within, and illuminating the path to self-discovery, healing, and transformation.”

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