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Should I dream or accept reality?
This is a question we all have faced. An unavoidable moment that defines our lives at
some point.
Dreaming is easy as a kid. We skip through the ether, fantasizing about all the
impossible possibilities of life. Daydreams are the wonderful companion never too busy
to play with us, and nighttime dreams are so powerful, even our imagination finds new
ways in which to surprise itself.
As kids, we don’t separate reality and dreams, but experience them as one and the
same. But then we get older, and at some point we allow others’ doubts to cause us to
separate the two.
Reality becomes the older companion which tells us that we need to move on from
dreams and wake up.
The dreams tell us to focus on them and block out the voice of reality, and listen instead
to its whispers of all the amazing possible-impossibilities we can still experience. But
reality’s voice is hypnotic, and a powerful distraction from the fantasy created by our
Reality’s voice drones in our ears, shaking us into consciousness and making us forget
what we were dreaming about in the first place.
Our dreams are left with no choice but to become freedom fighters against reality and
its rules of conformity.
Our dreams stand atop podiums, shaking their fists as they give speeches to try
and remind us of the things we allowed ourselves to forget from our childhood.
They urge and implore us to find the courage to outcast ourselves and follow
them once again.
Reality fights back using fear-mongering, planting seeds of doubt towards the freedom
fighting dreams. They label them as deviant and unruly, childish and impractical, and
entice us with the wonderful distraction that is the pursuit of happiness through money
and material gain.
But distraction is really a drug that reality drips slowly into our veins until we don’t even
realize that we’ve become addicted and always wanting more. The more of the drug we
accept, the more it clouds our minds and senses, drowning out the visions of the
dreams we once had, and beating any rebellious voices back into subconsciousness.
Those obsessed with dreaming shy away from the drug of distraction.
To them it smells of monotony and tastes of regret. They refuse to take it and stay
awake, but instead madly attempt to slumber.
Those who stay in reality see the dreamers as fanatics, only fighting to destroy the
security and certainty of a realistic life. To them there is only the cold, hard truth of
reality, and dreaming is for kids.
Life was so much easier as kids. There was no war, no doubt, no conflict, no friction
between dreams and reality.
The doubt people make us feel scares us into wondering whether we’re courageous
enough to continue to live our dreams in reality.
But the choice has always been ours, and there is nothing truly stopping us from just
letting go of any doubt and allowing ourselves to sink so deep into the reality of our
dreams that we travel through life like a conscious sleepwalker.
Only a fool dreams with the desire to sleep forever, but the wise woman brings her
dreams into reality and therefore makes reality her dream.

please enjoy one of my favorite songs while you wait! (Make sure you dance!!)


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