Class starts around the 15-minute mark

Your Live Call hasn’t happened but please enjoy one of my favorite songs while you wait! (Make sure you dance!!)

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  1. Mara 4 days ago

    Sorry I missed the live call(s) this week. I want to thank everyone for sharing a piece of their story. My whole life I have been a perfectionist and I always feel like, “it’s me against the clock.” Time has always been my greatest failure. I feel this more so now then ever trying to balance being a mom, a student in this mentorship, a wife, a nurse who works full time, taking care of a house & two dogs & the list goes on. I have endless creative projects half finished, barely started or in thought form. I have to-do-lists on my phone, in my purse & in my workbook. As of recently I feel that these lists … These deadlines … Are like a knife at my throat. My life has become task orientated vs. living and certainly not enjoying. As of recently I have slowly been moving away from being so regimented and anal and learning to flow more. Granted I need to pace and prioritize things but if Zoey’s (my dog) haircut doesn’t get done this week or I can’t get ever assignment for class done or I can’t practice the harp every single day … It’s not the end of the world. As long as everyone is healthy and content w/ happy memories being made … That’s what matters the most … Not my pressure driven list. So … As much as it is ingrained in me to want to put that pen to the paper and start numbering all of the things I need to tackle (both realistic and not) … I am going to refrain for awhile. I just want to be in this moment and flowing with what is. If that means doing the dishes great, but if it means building a Lego airplane with my son that’s even better and takes presidence over all else. Things will get done …. Eventually!

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