Please enjoy one of my favorite songs while you wait! (Make sure you dance!!)

  1. Paula Daisy 2 months ago

    Good week, sorry I missed it live. Religion… I was confused from a very early age as to why there was not more female involvement: altar boys, male priests, God IS male… blah blah blah. I had “release time” Catholic Church school, weekly, where we got out of school to go get indoctrinated into the Catholic “ways”. In jr & sr high school this instruction was now in the evening. So many weeks, I walked off into the woods instead, wondering how bad my ass was going to get chewed out for blowing off church school. As I got older, and had to do the Confirmation “Wedding with God” I openly baulked to my Mom about what bullshit I thought this was. I was told I had to go to Church School until I graduated high school. I started slipping under the bridge I had to cross to walk to the Catholic church. We would swim, drink rum, smoke pot… and blow off that which did not resonate with us. My Mom finally figured this out. She still questions, although admits she understands, my refusal to be part of the Catholic church… 38 years later from the bridge side excursions & wanderings into the woods!

  2. Paula Daisy 2 months ago

    I have Mark Nepo’s book: The Book of Awakening. Been on the shelf for some time. Dusted off!

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