For an optimal experience with Dakota's guided meditations, it's recommended that you wear headphones while listening due to the immersive nature of the sessions.

Midnight Magick Train

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Step into the extraordinary and begin your journey on the Midnight Magick Train – an immersive guided meditation experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. From the bustling, noisy city, to a train station that leads to a magical train bound for a hidden, enchanted forest, this meditation will take you on a mystical mission.

As you venture through this special land, you’ll come across a treasure map whilst under a powerful moonlight sky. This is no ordinary map – it will lead to you discover what is most needed on your spiritual journey. As part of this adventure, you’ll encounter a shaman who will be an invaluable ally in helping find and restore what was once lost within.

The Winter Solstice gifts bestowed upon participants of the Midnight Magick Train are some of its most precious treasures. Surrounded by spirit guides who know your true purpose, this special presentation from the Universe offers comfort in times of challenge, hope amidst difficulty, and answers from within. Renew courage and gain insights that could potentially change your life while journeying through expansive landscapes only visible with open eyes of the heart. This peaceful atmosphere allows the suppressed brilliance that emerged with your birthright to come blazing back into focus – recharging energy awakened after many years of dormancy.

So be brave and take these first steps toward uncovering something special – all one has to do is let go, trust in their inner strength and embark on their own blissful travels through time & space! The Midnight Magick Train awaits!



2 reviews for Midnight Magick Train

  1. cerise vablais

    Beautiful meditation! Channels all the magic of Christmas, solstice, and the New Year!

  2. Jason Leyland

    This is more than a meditation and is an absolutely immersive experience. At times I found the cityscape to be overwhelming & a little too guided, but that created the perfect juxtaposition for what came next. The artwork is staggeringly beautiful and the soundscape is well considered. It’s an excellent way to close out a year, prepare for a new one and give thanks over Yule.

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