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“It is only in the strength of my soul that I am able to walk gently on the earth. I find the sweetness and succulence of each moment and I nourish myself. From this resplendent spark of time, I am found whole once more. Thank you Great Spirit. Thank you for this day, for this life, for this moment.”

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I’m Dakota

My Sacred Purpose is to be here now, to assist others in finding their passions, their authentic soul, and to step into their god-given power. I have been on this path all my life, but in the past 30 years it has been dedicated to serving humanity in the best way I know or can at the moment I am experiencing.

I’m also a student. I learn something new every single day and being a curious observer of life is one of my strengths.

I’d love to share this path with you in some way … through a meditation, my mentorship, the private Facebook group, or just even in knowing you are here – plugging along in your life, doing the best that you can and constantly striving to be the best version of you possible.

Welcome to this site …. I’m happy you are here.

Soul Dives

Beyond the Veil

In this Soul Dive we explore the world which resides just beyond the veil. Our Spirit Guides, Helping Spirits, Power Animals and more. You’ll learn the art of Soul Tracking, which is only taught by Dakota, to learn how to track the messages and signs we receive from the spiritual worlds. We’ll hit the mental and geeky side and discover ancient cultures and how these cultures related to the spiritual realms.

Shop for Meditations

Browse over 130+ guided meditations by Dakota. Dakota has been creating guided meditations and a meditation coach for years. Her meditations have been listened to over a million times on YouTube and Insight Timer and is one of the top rated meditations listed on Insight Timer.

Soul Shop

Medicine Wheel Mentorship

Our signature, deep dive intensive program will change your life & set you on course to balance your life in a beautiful way. We open enrollment seasonally with various levels of enrollment. The Mentorship has become a fan favorite & has profound life transformation.


Traveling the Wheel

Journey the Wheel with Dakota during her year quest to show how to live authentically in this crazy world. In her travel journals, she shares the ups and downs of the moments of being on the road from the perspective of the Medicine Wheel.


The Journey

Gaia Meditation Club

Join the Club and receive a new meditation every week! This monthly recurring club gives you access to 4 meditations a month which follow the journey of the Medicine Wheel. Meditations are hand picked by Dakota.



What is the Medicine Wheel?

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient tool used by many indigenous tribes including Native American, Celtic, and other cultures. In ancient times, the Medicine Wheel was used for ceremony, healing, ritual, and for understanding the various energies such as elements, animals, seasons, time, etc. In our modern day culture, our lives can be either compartmentalized to the point there isn’t integration, or we feel trapped in one area of our life and it is sometimes hard to see the big picture. Dakota has taken the ancient Medicine Wheel and created a framework, a container if you will, to be able to integrate the different parts of our life – spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. It provides a prism by which we can not only view the higher perspectives but to also see how we can weave together these areas of our lives and bring them to a harmonious and balanced state. It has become a wildly powerful tool that has the potential of changing your entire life.

The Soul Archetypes™

In the East Direction, you’ll work with your dreams and those things you gave up in order to “fit in the box”. You’ll reclaim and discover your sacred purpose and what it truly is you want to bring into your life, how you’ll make your mark in the world. ………………………………….

In the South/Sacred Heart Warrior we dive into the emotional body and the world of love, passion, creativity, intuition, empathy and more. This is a vibrant direction, full of color and feeling, depth and more. Join the juiciness and create a robust, awesome life! ……………………….

In the West, you’ll build out your external world to match your internal spiritual world. You’ll learn how to create health boundaries, sacred space, how to use ceremony and ritual and you’ll even come out healthier with the 21 day Detox the Soul program. ……………..  ………..  ……….

In the North, you’ll unlock the deeply held wisdom within you as you journey to the introspective spaces of your own beingness. You’ll work closely with your spirit guides, learn how to journey to the various worlds of non-ordinary reality and how to use these journeys for deep healing.

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Coffee With Dakota

Each week I answer your burning questions about life, the shaman’s path, sacred purpose, and more. These are real questions from real people with just my 2 cents … I hope you enjoy! And if you have a question you would like featured, please send it in!

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Shaman Shorts

As I travel on my journey, I stop to create Shaman Shorts – little bits of shamanic wisdom and tips for living a more shamanic life. Travel and learn with me as we explore the world of shamanic living …


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