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Our mission is to build a creative, collaborative space where each person can re-connect to their soul, their divine inner wisdom, and begin walking the Shamanic Path and from a heart-centered space. Through Shamanic Training, Guided Meditations, Online Soul Courses, Pilgrimages, and more, you are sure to find what you need here.

alchemist Shamanic Mentorship, Gaia Wisdom School

The Alchemist – Shamanic Mentorship

West Direction – Medicine Wheel

Enrollment opens next week for the Alchemist Soul Archetype, West Direction Mentorship.

When Autumn comes, or the West Direction, you have an opportunity to reflect on your harvest. Are these the fruits you desired to manifest? How is your external world a reflection of your inner world? You’ll seek where in your life you need stronger boundaries, or maybe even less rigid boundaries. You’ll work with a variety of tools from the Druidic, Shamanic, and Witchery realms to find balance, protection, and harmony in your external world.

This is also the time of year when the veil is thin and you are able to work more easily with your Ancestors and dig into what healing needs to be done along your ancestral lines or with your land ancestors. You’ll also traverse your fragmented soul, bringing lost soul pieces back through soul recovery. You’ll learn how to cut cords, re-negotiate soul contracts, and soul bindings.

And finally, creating an external environment to support your internal soul. Steeped in the ideals of Hearth, Kitchen, House, and Green Witchery, as well as energetic imprints we leave on physical spaces, your home and the places you occupy will never feel the same again after this session!

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Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Meditation Teacher  |  Shamanic Teacher/Coach  |  Master Ritualist  |  Trance Dance Facilitator  |  Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator  |  Celebrant  |  Shamanic Minister

I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years now (not to give away my age!), I’m living my sacred purpose to every edge of my life. Teaching is my passion, but not just teaching anything – teaching as a way to inspire others to step into their power, to live boldly and authentically. I hope that my life leaves a mark worth remembering, that at the end of my last breath I can rest knowing that I did my best, and that I served my soul well. Thanks for being here, today, right now – reading these words. If you would like to know more about me, click the button below. To see what I do best, browse all the corners of this website – it contains within it the symbols and touchstones of my life work.

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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations

Dakota has over 135 Guided Meditations for purchase in the Soul Shop. In addition to these, you can also find her meditations showcased on the top Meditation Apps – MindBliss, and Insight Timer.

Gaia Meditation Club

Gaia Meditation Club

Join monthly or for three or twelve months of weekly curated guided meditations following various themes, a community forum for connecting to other meditations and discounts in the Soul Shop.

Shamanic Mentorship

The Shamans Mentorship

The Mentorship is a deep, soul dive into transforming our lives to be more authentic, present, and powerful. Explore this journey by following the directions of the Medicine Wheel.

21-Day Challenges

21-Day Challenges

These Soul Challenges bring you to an entirely new level of living in just a short 21 days. Join a Challenge in an area of soul growth you wish to develop more and see for yourself what can happen.



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