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  • What are the Soul Archetypes™?

    In a perfect world, we would embody a balance of all the Soul Archetypes™ and live our lives with an awareness of each one. We are, however, dominated by one Soul Archetype™ which governs how we view things, how we communicate, live, and what is important to us. Knowing your Soul Archetype™ is invaluable knowledge and sheds light on how you are in relationship to others. Take the quiz below and discover your dominant Soul Archetype™.

  • Choose all that apply to you but leave blank if you are neutral or ambivalent about it.

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east visionary Next Enrollment:
March 13-19
Class Dates:
March 25 - May 20
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visionary dreaming big Dream Building
Speaking Your Truth
What's Possible
Core of You
Resonance and Frequency
Quantum Imprinting
Path of Prayer
Sacred Communication
Becoming the You Inside
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south sacred heart warrior Next Enrollment:
June 13 - 19
Class Dates:
June 24 - August 19
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sacred heart warrior heart expansion Self-Love
Emotional Healing
Intuitive Empath
Soul Tracking
Sacred Relationship
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west alchemist Next Enrollment:
Sept. 14-20
Class Dates:
Sept. 23 - Nov. 18
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alchemist the harvest Building Boundaries
Ancestral Healing
Soul Retrieval
Sacred Contracts
Physical Body/Health
Sacred Space
Witchy Ways of Living
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north soul shaman Next Enrollment:
Dec, 28 - Jan. 04
Class Dates:
Jan. 06 - Mar. 03 / 2022
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soul shaman Going within Path of Presence
Shamanic Breathwork
Working with Our Spirit Guides
Inner Divinity
Ritual and Ceremony
Path of the Soul Shaman
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