Meet Global Teacher, Author, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Medicine Wheel Coach Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I help people find their way back to themselves, to help them remember the soul-filled, powerful, and luminous being that they are. I do this through coaching, guided meditations, and teaching people how to live in balance through the Celtic Sacred Wheel.

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Guided Meditations

Shop for over 145 individual guided meditations, bundles, and shamanic breathwork sets.

Soul Warrior Training

Our signature year-long Mentorship program is based on the teachings of the Celtic Medicine Wheel.

Warrior Challenges

Shop for online courses, 21-Day Warrior Challenges, and in-person, live courses.

Alchemist Seasonal Meditations

Join us Live in Charleston, SC in November

Into the Luminous Field Retreat

During this spiritual journey into the liminal spaces of the Soul, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker leads you to discover your spirit guides, ancestors, and power animals. As the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, you will be immersed in the world of spirit through trance dance, meditation, Soul Tracking, kayaking, and more.

As part of your retreat, we’ll explore the hidden hauntings of Magnolia Cemetery and other haunted spots in Charleston. While kayaking in Wambaw Swamp, a black water tidal creek in the Francis Marion National Forest, Soul Tracking will also be used. The Wambaw Creek Wilderness Area in the Francis Marion National Forest is home to this Nationally Recognized and Designated Trail. Thousands of years ago, the Santee and coastal Plain Indians paddled this beautiful blackwater creek that flows into the Santee River.

Find out how Shamans help lost spirits find their way to the Upper World by performing Psychopomp work. During this workshop, we will explore cord cutting, protection rituals, and working in liminal spaces. The retreat also explores ancestral healing and connects you with your spirit guides and power animals.

Trance Dance and Breathwork allow you to explore non-ordinary reality and merge with your spiritual team.

The retreat center is located on the quiet waterfront of Awendaw Creek, just outside historic Charleston, South Carolina, nature is abundant and will be a central influence on our retreat.

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I’m not a guru,

I don’t know more than you do

You and I, we’re powerful human beings

My job is to inspire you,
help you remember who you are,

and why you’re here.

Together, we’ll change the world.

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Soul Tracking

Everyone wants to be able to hear their spirit guides more clearly. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take the guesswork out of it? To “hear” them every day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing? Driving to work, in the grocery store, browsing a bookstore … they are always speaking to us. You have a unique language that only you and your spirit guides speak. It’s how they communicate, guide, and feed your intuitive voice. We all have access to this wisdom and these tools.

I call it Soul Tracking™, and it’s a powerful understanding and layout of how our guides speak to us, how to sharpen our skills, and what different interpretations could mean. It’s life-changing when you ask a question or set an intention, then immediately begin hearing the conversations.

I designed this course to help you take the guesswork out of this unique language and learn how to decipher the messages, communicate with them daily, and find the hidden gems that are right in front of you every day.

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A Path for Remembering

Soul Warrior Training

The Sacred Wheel or Medicine Wheel is a powerful container for holding our soul in the most authentic and powerful way. Thousands of years ago the Medicine Wheel was used for healing, ritual, and ceremony. The energies of the directions provided guidance, and structure to the cultures that used them as guides. Today, we can use this framework for living a life more aligned with our soul’s calling. It helps us to align ourselves, find balance, create lasting healing, and deepen our understanding of who we are and why are we here.

I’m Dakota, and I’ve been teaching this framework for nearly 20 years now. In my own life, the Medicine Wheel has been a powerful way for me to manifest, create momentum, and live fully in the shoes I chose to wear in this lifetime. I built this training to help others do the same, and that together we can begin seeing the changes from our lives reflected in the world around us.

The Medicine Wheel is a simple yet complex framework for organizing our lives in such a way it allows the freedom to live more into our sacred purpose, authentically and with deep connection.

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“We must make the effort to be in tune with the depth of who we are,
to not cower down or diminish our light.
When we can open to the mystery within us,
we allow the light to spill forward, into our daily interactions with others.”

From the 21-Day Authenticity Challenge

Soul Challenges

We have a variety of Soul Challenges available below. Every day, you will receive an email with a new Challenge. The program includes a daily challenge, journal prompts, teachings, and recommended meditations with a discount code.

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    What would it be like to have a gratitude muscle that flexed every day? Imagine how much more aligned you would feel if gratitude were at the forefront daily!

    This 21-day Gratitude Challenge will help you strengthen your gratitude muscle so that it’s ready for when life hands out blessings. In this 21-Day Challenge experience, each day brings a new set of prompts to answer through journaling and meditation with an emphasis on the ordinary things in our lives which can be seen as extraordinary (and vice versa). You’ll also get specific tasks tailored just For YOU–like taking action steps towards living more authentically or expressing love where there was hurtfulness—to maximize how much these powerful lessons resonate throughout all aspects

    This workshop makes a wonderful bonding activity if done together alongside friends & family!

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    Sacred Love

    Sacred Love 21-Day Challenge

    This 21-day challenge is ideal for partners who want to deepen their sacred connection. It requires attendance, attention, and sometimes creativity to pull us out of the rut we can get into when things start feeling routine or complacent (depending on how you choose to put it). By focusing primarily upon heart-centered dialogues with each other while utilizing creative forces from the South direction as well as the East’s heartfelt communication alongside the West’s space which holds powerful intentions towards healing wounds both old & new; This will jumpstart your relationship again so that sparks fly between both of you once more.

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    Soul Recharge

    Soul Recharge - 21-Day ChallengeWe all have heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” Maybe you have even heard the saying, “you are what you think.” But what about the saying, “you are what you do?” Your actions create your life. If you want to change your life, you have to change your actions. That’s where this 21-day journey comes in. You will be challenged to give up some of your old habits and adopt new ones that will lead to a more fulfilling life. This is not a quick fix; it is a 21-day journey to empowerment. But it is a journey that is well worth taking. By the end of the 21 days, you will have tools that will help you bring more energy and clarity into your life. So if you are ready to make a change, take this 21-day journey with us. It just might be the best decision you ever make.

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    It’s time to get real.

    Authentic living requires us to embrace the reality of our freedom and be responsible for how we choose to live. It means being true in both words, as well as actions; it’s not easy cultivating this kind of environment when every day you’re bombarded with social media telling everyone what they should do or think – but that doesn’t mean anything if nobody follows through on their end!

    So many of us go through life feeling like we’re not living up to some invisible standard. We compare our lives to what we see on social media and feel like we’re coming up short. The good news is, that’s totally normal! But the bad news is, it’s not sustainable. You can’t keep living someone else’s life – it’s time to create your own.

    That’s where this 21-day challenge comes in. It provides you with the tools and teachings you need to start creating an authentic life from the ground up. With daily challenges, journal questions, and recommended meditations, you’ll be able to uncover your inner truth and vibrancy in no time at all!

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    Soul Tracking

    Soul Tracking Challenge

    One of the most powerful tools for accessing your deep internal wisdom is Soul Tracking. This practice involves interpreting your external world through your internal guidance, which can provide clarity and direction from the spiritual realms.

    If you’re feeling called to explore Soul Tracking, I invite you to take on the 21-day challenge. For 21-days you’ll receive a daily lesson, challenge, and integration pieces. The challenges will require you to pay attention to various things being presented to you in your daily life. These could be things like repeated number patterns, animals crossing your path or meaningful coincidences.

    Keep a journal to document these occurrences, and see what patterns emerge. This challenge will help you to attune to the guidance that is always available to you. Trust that whatever shows up is specifically for you and has an important message to share.

    If you’re called to Soul Tracking Challenge, I encourage you to follow that guidance. It has the power to change your life in profound ways. Trust that you have everything you need to get started on this journey. Everything you need is within you.

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