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Embark on a unique spiritual adventure with the Shamanic Journeyers Flight Club. 


Each month, dive deep into your inner self with two guided immersive journeys, accompanied by a versatile Workbook that offers four distinct meditation 'flights'.


These flights are designed to enrich your experience with pre-flight and post-flight journaling, integration rituals, and themed prompts, tailored to each journey.


Expand your practice beyond traditional meditation with activities including art, walking, dancing, and more. 


Join us to explore, reflect, and grow.

The Flight Logs (Workbooks)

Each journey in the Shamanic Journeyers Flight Club is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook, guiding you through four unique variations, or 'flights', of the same immersive guided meditation. This approach is designed to deepen and diversify your meditative experience.


Meditation is a journey that evolves with each repetition. On your first flight through a meditation, it's natural to engage more with your mind, as you familiarize yourself with the narrative. This initial journey is often about understanding and mentally mapping the story.


As you embark on the second flight, you're likely to find yourself transitioning from the head to the heart. The familiarity with the story allows for a deeper emotional connection, facilitating a more heartfelt experience.


By the third flight, your journey becomes even more profound. With the story now well-known, you can relax deeper into the meditation, fostering a richer, more heart-centered exploration.


The unique aspect of the flights in the Shamanic Journeyers Club is the incorporation of various experiential elements such as art, movement, and journaling. These diverse approaches enable you to not only navigate shifts in your emotional and spiritual states but also enhance your physical (somatic) awareness and intellectual engagement. Each flight is an opportunity to experience meditation in a way that is both transformative and holistic, enriching your journey in multifaceted ways.

Membership Benefits

  • Bi-Monthly Guided Journeys: Receive two uniquely crafted meditations every month.

  • Customized Workbook: Enhance your experience with tailored meditation flights and journal prompts.

  • Digital Paperback Journal: Annual members receive a special journal to track their spiritual progress.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a 10% discount on all our guided meditations.

  • Community Access: Connect with a supportive community of fellow journeyers.

  • Meditation Resources: Gain valuable insights with tips and teachings on various meditation practices.

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