For an optimal experience with Dakota's guided meditations, it's recommended that you wear headphones while listening due to the immersive nature of the sessions.

Your Soul Book

Length: 29:50

According to shamanic beliefs, the Akashic Records book is a metaphysical record of every soul’s journey through time and space. It is believed to be held in the Hall of Records in the Upper World, accessible only through spiritual journeying or astral projection. This record is said to contain information about our past lives, including our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, as well as our karmic debts and soul contracts.

Through accessing our Akashic Records, we can gain a deeper understanding of our soul’s journey and purpose, as well as our strengths and weaknesses. It can help us identify patterns in our behavior and relationships, and gain insights into past traumas or unresolved issues that may be affecting our current life. By exploring our soul book, we can gain wisdom and guidance that can help us on our current path, and help us make more informed decisions that align with our highest good. Ultimately, accessing our Akashic Records can bring about healing, growth, and spiritual evolution, as we deepen our connection to our soul’s lineage and the universe at large.



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