Shaman's Rattle Magic

Shaman's Rattle Magic

Shaman's Rattle Magic

Shaman's Rattle Magic


The Shaman's Sound

As I walked through the forest, I heard the sound of a rattle in the distance. Curious, I followed the sound until I came across an elder Celtic Goddess. She was holding a rattle made from bear hide and shaking it in a rhythmic pattern, calling in spirits during a ritual. The energy emanating from the rattle was palpable, filling the space around me with a feeling of expansion.

I felt as though I had been transported back in time to ancient Celtic culture, standing in the presence of a powerful spiritual force. The Goddess beckoned me to join the ritual and connect with the spirits she was calling forth. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be carried away by the luminous light and the primal energy of the rattle, feeling connected to the ancient wisdom of the Celtic people.

The Shaman's Rattle Magic

Are you seeking a deeper connection to your spiritual practice? Have you been drawn to the power of the shaman’s rattle?

If so, join us for the Shaman’s Rattle Magic immersive course! This seven-unit program will guide you through the process of creating your own rattle using traditional methods and natural materials. Each unit will take you on a spiritual journey, exploring rituals and intentions that infuse your rattle with powerful energy.

By the end of the course, you will have a potent and sacred tool that is uniquely yours. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the transformative magic of the shaman’s rattle. Enroll now and start your journey today!

What you'll get:

  • A Sacred Tool infused with your energy
  • A deeper experience in crafting sacred objects
  • Presence & Power

Immersive & Interactive

In this seven-unit program, we will guide you through the process of creating your own shaman’s rattle, a powerful tool used in spiritual practices for centuries. Using traditional methods and natural materials such as animal hide and sacred elements, you will learn to construct a rattle that is uniquely yours.

 Each unit is designed to take you on a spiritual journey, exploring rituals and intentions that infuse your rattle with powerful energy. You will learn about the history and symbolism of the shaman’s rattle and how to use it in your own spiritual practice.

 By the end of the course, you will have a beautiful and potent tool that is intimately connected to your own spirit and journey. Join us for this transformative experience and discover the magic of the shaman’s rattle!

 *This course requires you to buy additional materials you’ll need for creating your rattle.

About the Various Formats

Many of the meditations come with different options for your desired format, below explains these formats.

  • Journey Workshop

  • Audio & Video 

  • PDF-Journal

  • Shamanic Journeyers Club

Turn this Meditation into a Workshop

Workbook (Flight Log):

The Flight Log workbook is designed to elevate your meditative journey to a comprehensive personal workshop. This interactive guide offers four distinct approaches to your spiritual voyage.


 Each "flight" includes a pre-journey journal prompt to prime your soul, detailed instructions for embarking on the journey, a reflective post-journey prompt, and a ritual for integrating your experiences. 


Many of the workshops include other elements such as writing exercises, additional rituals, tea recipes, nature exercises, coloring book pages, and more. Each workshop is unique to the meditation it is serving. 


Transform your meditation into an immersive, enlightening workshop with the Flight Log workbook.


**As a member of the Shamanic Journeyer's Club, you will receive 2 Flights per month.

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Audio & Video Formats

The audio file is formatted to an MP3 and is downloadable to any device. 

The video format is delivered via a link for you to download an MP4 file. 

Journey Journal Prompts 

Enhance your meditative exploration with our meticulously crafted PDF journal, tailored to complement your meditation experience. This journal thoughtfully assembles all the reflective questions and prompts encountered during your journey, arranged precisely as they unfold in the meditation. You have the flexibility to enrich your journey by journaling concurrently with the meditation or delve deeper through the introspective practice of automatic writing, allowing for profound revelations and insights.

Shamanic Journeyers Club

Elevate your spiritual explorations with the Shamanic Journeyers Flight Club. As a member, you'll receive two intricately guided, immersive journeys each month, accompanied by a comprehensive workbook designed to transform your experience into an in-depth personal workshop. Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on all your meditation purchases and gain access to our vibrant community circle. Embark on this enriching journey today and enjoy special savings as you join! Try it for FREE!

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Transform Your Meditations!

Join the Shamanic Journeyers Flight Club
 and take your practice to the next level!


Guided Immersive Journeys

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Getting the Most from Your Journey

These Immersive Guided Journeys are layered with sound, music, and voice. To get the most out of this experience, please wear headphones. Look to the gallery pics for more ways to get the most out of your immersive experience. Enjoy the journey!These Immersive Guided Journeys are layered with sound, music, and voice. To get the most out of this experience, please wear headphones. Look to the gallery pics for more ways to get the most out of your immersive experience. Enjoy the journey!

Gaia Wisdom School Refund Policy

Last Updated: SEP 15, 2023


Thank you for choosing Gaia Wisdom School as your platform for spiritual growth, nature-based teachings, and experiential guided meditations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to offer transformative experiences that help you connect with nature and discover the beauty within your soul.

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General Refund Policy

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Special Considerations for Payment Plans and Full Price Payments

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How to Request a Refund

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i don't just record meditations

i bring my soul to the mic

professional recording

Harnessing the latest sound technology, I create crystal-clear meditations that resonate with every note of nature's harmony.

heartfelt storytelling

Each meditation is woven with stories from the heart, inviting listeners on a journey deep within their own spiritual narrative.

immersive experiences

My meditations are not just heard, they are felt, offering a fully immersive experience that engages the senses and transports the soul.


Designed to catalyze personal growth, these meditations are transformative, guiding you towards profound inner change and self-discovery.

About Dakota

Dakota is a Soundscape Alchemist and the visionary force behind Gaia Wisdom School, an online sanctuary for soul transformation. With over 30 years in spiritual studies, her teachings are an alchemy of Celtic Druidry and Shamanism. But Dakota's gift extends beyond mere teaching; she crafts immersive, meditative realms that touch the core of your being. Dakota guides seekers through transformative spiritual explorations, weaving the age-old wisdom of the Medicine Wheel into a modern framework for authentic living. Her teachings go beyond mere philosophy; they offer a blueprint for a life imbued with purpose, connection, and inner peace. Dakota's approach is deeply intuitive and soulfully authentic. She’s not just a guide but a companion on your journey to reconnect with nature and your truest self.

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