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Way of the Warrior Medicine Wheel Mentorship

Embark on a year-long journey of profound transformation: Explore the Four Directions in twelve months
unlocking endless wisdom for Authentic Living and Soul Expansion

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Welcome to Your Path of Enlightenment

Discover the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel in a year-long mentorship designed to guide you through life's challenges and triumphs. Experience a harmonious balance of learning and spiritual growth, tailored to your journey.

12 Months of Deep Exploration

What is WOW? 

WOW is a 12-month transformative journey that guides you through the sacred directions of the Medicine Wheel. Dive deep into ancient wisdom, rituals, and self-discovery.


What You’ll Receive:

Bi-Weekly Packets: Rich teachings, rituals, and nature practices (60-120 pages).

Guided Journeys: Choose Immersion (13 weeks) or join the Shamanic Journeyers Club (2 deep dives/month).

Community Connection: Wisdom Keeper calls


Emotional Integration Group Sessions: Normally priced at $75 per person, per session, as a WOW student you can join any of the group sessions on a sliding scale - pay what you can. 

Personal Guidance: Quarterly 30-minute 1:1 sessions with Dakota.

Private Community: Engage with fellow seekers.

Discounts: Enjoy 20% off guided meditations.

Sacred Tool Creation: Each direction, craft a powerful tool.

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel

Receive six comprehensive packets for each cardinal direction, rich with teachings, exercises, and rituals, available in both digital and physical formats. The packets contain teachings, rituals, exercises, recipes for potions, incense, and more. They are full of interactive material.

Sacred Tools Workshops

Each quarter, join in the creation of a sacred tool that can be used in your spiritual practices. These are made with intention, and infused with your energy to create a powerful tool for your collection. View Current Available Courses.

Council Gatherings

Gain exclusive access to 24 enriching Council Gatherings, each offering unique insights and teachings, with unlimited replay access as long as you are enrolled. Learn more about the Council Gatherings.

Emotional Integration Group Sessions

Join quarterly group sessions for emotional integration on a sliding scale, pay as you can model. Learn more about the Emotional Integration Group Sessions.

Guided Immersive Journeys

You can choose between joining the Shamanic Journeyers Club or participating in the direction's Immersion. The Immersions consist of 13 meditations with rituals per direction, resulting in 52 guided meditations over the course of your year. Shamanic Journeyers Club offers 2 deep dive workshops per month. These deep dives take you on four "flights" with one meditation along with journal prompts, and rituals. 

Exclusive Perks

Limited Enrollment for Personalized Attention

Experience a journey like no other, with limited seats ensuring a more intimate and focused experience.

Office Hours for Personal Guidance:

Engage in bi-annual 60-minute sessions (or quarterly 30-minute session)for personalized support and guidance on your journey


2024 Offerings by the Direction



Unfurling Your Wings

"Unfurl Your Wings" in the East Direction offers a transformative journey. It emphasizes the power of voice, storytelling, and ritual writing as tools for personal development and manifestation. This direction explores the significance of sacred action, initiation, and creativity in shaping one’s path. Discover how to embrace your inner voice, awaken your spirit through symbolic journeys, and craft your soul with expressive arts.

The Power of Your Truth - Unlock the Throat Chakra

In this realm of dawn, we plant seeds—the dreams that stir in the fertile soil of your heart. The throat chakra, like a lotus, awakens. It craves expression, truth, and resonance. So, let your voice be a river, carving canyons through doubt. Speak your dreams into existence; they are the constellations of your becoming.

The Art of Storytelling

Listen. The ancestors gather around the fire. Their eyes hold galaxies, and their voices weave tapestries of memory. You, too, are a bard—an alchemist of words. Craft your narrative: myth, memoir, and magic. Share your stories, for they ripple through time, stitching the fabric of our shared humanity.

Ritual Writing & Manifestation

Take up your quill. Ink becomes incantation. Write your desires into existence. Sacred scripts on parchment, whispered affirmations under moonlight—these are your spells. The mundane becomes extraordinary; the mundane becomes sacred. Your words ripple across dimensions, touching the unseen.

Sacred Action & Embodiment

Your body is a temple, a vessel for transformation. Move with intention. Each step, a prayer. Each gesture, a rune etched in the air. Dance, sway, embody your dreams. Confidence blooms when you honor the sacredness of your vessel. You are both dancer and dance.

The Rite of Awakening

Initiation awaits. Vision quests, dream-laden nights, and symbolic journeys. The old self sheds like a serpent’s skin. You emerge—anointed, reborn. The threshold is a mirror; step through, and meet your true reflection. The fire within burns brighter; you are the phoenix rising.

Divine Sparks of Inspiration

Creativity dances in your veins. The muse whispers secrets: melodies, brushstrokes, code, poetry. Tap into the universal flow. Be the vessel, the conduit. Your sparks illuminate the dark corners of existence. Celebrate your uniqueness; you are stardust and wonder.

Soul Crafting Course

Scribbled Stories: Crafting Your Soulful Junk Journal

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and creative expression with this unique workshop, "Scribbled Stories: Crafting Your Soulful Junk Journal." This immersive course is designed to guide you through the art of junk journaling, a practice that melds the magic of memory, the beauty of the banal, and the depth of the divine into a tangible tome of personal power and presence. From foraging for materials in nature's bounty to binding your own book, you'll learn to infuse every page with your essence. This workshop is not just about crafting a journal; it's about threading your soul into the tapestry of the universe through the meditative act of creation. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned crafters, it promises to reconnect you with nature, your inner artist, and the whispers of your spirit.


Waves of Awakening

Waves of Awakening" invites you on a profound journey through the South Direction, where the soothing rhythms of intimacy, creativity, and the natural world converge. In this immersive direction, participants will explore deep emotional currents, rewild their spirits, and awaken the divine feminine within, all while crafting their own ocean drums as symbols of their connection to the sacred flow of life. Through guided teachings, soulful creativity, and sacred crafting, this session offers a transformative path to rediscovering joy, spontaneity, and the whispers of nature. Join us to navigate the waves of your inner landscape and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and connection.

Sacred Waters: Navigating the Currents of Intimacy

 Explore the fluid nature of the sacral chakra as you learn to embrace and navigate the depths of intimacy, creativity, and emotional expression. This class guides you through the waters of connection, teaching you to flow with the currents of your inner and outer worlds in harmony.

Nature's Allies & Our Energetic Connection

Delve into the symbiotic relationship we share with nature's allies, including plant and tree spirits, and how we can strengthen our energetic connections with them for guidance, healing, and support. Learn practical ways to commune with these powerful allies and integrate their wisdom into your life.

The Sacred Wilderness Within

 Rediscover your innate wildness, a state filled with wonder, joy, and spontaneity. This class invites you to break free from societal conditioning and reconnect with the natural world, awakening a deep sense of freedom and connection to all life.

Whipsers of Nature: Reading the Signs

 Unlock the secrets of communicating with the natural world, learning to interpret its signs and messages. This class teaches the lost art of reading nature, enhancing your intuition and deepening your connection to the environment around you.

Rise of the Wild Woman Within

Embrace the power of the divine feminine within through the exploration of the Wild Woman archetype. Drawing on the work of Carl Jung, this class encourages self-discovery, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of the anima and animus within us all.

The Art of Soul: Tapping into Spiritual Creativity

Discover how creativity serves as a powerful medium for spiritual expression and connection. This class offers techniques to unlock your creative potential, facilitating emotional release and a deeper dialogue with the divine.

Soul Crafting Course - Part Two

Inner Worlds Unleashed: Adventures in Junk Journaling

 "Inner Worlds Unleashed" takes you beyond the creation of your junk journal into the heart of its use as a tool for exploration, creativity, and personal growth. In this immersive continuation, participants will activate the pages of their journals, choosing from two thematic prompts in each class that invite introspection, interaction with the natural world, and creative challenges. Whether reflecting on the whispers of the wind or the story of an object found in the depths of a drawer, you will learn to see the world through a lens of wonder and weave your observations into the fabric of your journal. This course aims to deepen your connection to your inner self, your environment, and the intertwined narratives that emerge, transforming your junk journal into a living artifact of your journey.


The Mystic's Journey: Awakening the Magic

Embrace the transformative journey of the West Direction, where ancient wisdom and modern mysticism converge to heal, empower, and guide. In this comprehensive mentorship, participants will delve into ancestral connections, awaken ancient magic within, reclaim their power from the shadows of history, and craft tools of legacy and ritual. Through a blend of teaching, exploration, and sacred crafting, each soul will forge a deeper connection with the unseen forces of nature and the lineage of magic that runs through their veins. Join us to discover your true path as a modern mystic, healing the past and shaping a future rich with ritual, magic, and empowered legacy

Root Down, Rise Up - Becoming a Spiritual Leader

This class invites you to ground deeply in your spiritual practice while rising to the challenge of becoming a beacon of justice and change in the world. Explore the balance between inner work and outer action, learning how to dream a new world into being as a spiritual leader.

Walk of the Ancestors

Embark on a journey of connection to your ancestral roots, discovering healing, wisdom, and guidance from the paths they have walked. This class helps you bridge the past with the present, honoring the legacy of your ancestors while forging your own path forward.

Modern Mystics: Awakening the Ancient Magic

Unveil the timeless wisdom and magic that lies dormant within you and the modern world. This class guides you through the reawakening of ancient practices and spells, adapting them to a contemporary context to empower your mystical journey.

Healing the Witch: Reclaiming Power, Mending Wounds

Dive deep into the history and healing of the witch wound, exploring its impact on our collective and individual psyche. This class offers pathways to reclaiming your power and mending the wounds of persecution and misunderstanding.

Pathfinders: Leaving a Legacy of Light

 Learn how to blaze a trail for future generations by crafting your own spiritual legacy. This class encourages you to record your journey, teachings, and practices in a way that lights the path for others, ensuring your wisdom endures.

Sacred Rhythms: The Art and Power of Ritual

 Delve into the transformative power of ritual, discovering how to craft and conduct ceremonies that resonate deeply with your spirit. This class explores the art of ritual creation, from simple daily acts to complex ceremonies, enhancing your connection to the divine and the rhythms of the Earth.

Soul Crafting Course

From Bark to Wisdom: Crafting Your Ogham Staves

"From Bark to Wisdom: Crafting Your Ogham Staves" is an immersive workshop designed to connect you with the ancient Celtic tradition of Ogham, the sacred tree alphabet. This class offers a hands-on approach to creating your own set of Ogham staves, using branches from the very trees each symbol represents. Participants will learn the history and meanings behind each Ogham symbol, how to respectfully harvest materials, and the art of carving these powerful glyphs. This course not only teaches the practical skills of crafting Ogham staves but also deepens your connection with tree energies and the ancient wisdom they hold. It's an invitation to weave the whispers of the natural world into your spiritual practice.

NORTH - SOUL SHAMAN: DEC. 21 - MAR. 15, 2025

Whispers of the Ancient Mystic

"Whispers of the Ancient Mystic" invites you on a profound journey through the North Direction, where the veils between worlds thin and the whispers of ancient wisdom beckon. In this immersive session, you will explore the realms of solitude, dreamtime, and liminality, awaken your mythic self, connect with totemic spirits, and master the art of Ogham divination. Through guided teachings, deep introspection, and sacred crafting, you'll forge a deeper connection with the unseen forces of nature and unlock the mystical powers within. Embark on this transformative path to discover the ancient mystic in you, and carry forward the light of ancestral wisdom into the modern world.

Silent Whispers: Embracing Solitude and Introspection

 Discover the transformative power of solitude and the profound wisdom found in silence. This session guides you through practices to quiet the mind, listen to the whispers of your soul, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your path.

Dreamwalking: Navigating the Spiritual Realms

 Step into the realm of dreams and learn to navigate its mysteries for spiritual insight and growth. Explore techniques for lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, and connecting with guides within the dream space.

Liminal Gateways: Bridging the Seen and Unseen

Explore the threshold between worlds, learning to navigate and integrate the wisdom found in liminal spaces. This session delves into the nature of reality, the power of transitional spaces, and how to live in harmony with both the physical and spiritual realms.

Awakening the Mythical Within

Uncover the mythic dimensions of your being, connecting with the archetypal energies that shape your spiritual journey. This session invites you to explore your own mythos and the mythical beings that resonate with your soul's story.

Journey with the Totem Spirits of the Wilds

 Embark on a spiritual journey to discover and connect with your totem animals and the wisdom they offer. Learn to recognize and interpret the messages of your animal guides, and integrate their medicine into your life.

The Hollow Bone: Becoming the Vessel

 Learn the art of becoming a hollow bone, a clear channel for spiritual energy and guidance. This session focuses on the practices of purification, surrender, and the discipline required to serve as a conduit for healing and wisdom.

Soul Crafting Course

Glowing Intentions: Creating Your Spirit Lantern

Join us for a heartwarming journey through the dark days of winter with our "Glowing Intentions: Creating Your Spirit Lantern" workshop. Over six sessions, you will craft a beautiful, personalized Spirit Lantern that embodies your hopes, dreams, and the light within you. This workshop is not just about creating a physical object; it's an invitation to explore your spirituality, set intentions for the coming year, and connect with the natural world. Using materials that honor the earth, you'll craft a beacon of light that reflects your unique spiritual path. No previous crafting experience is necessary—just an open heart and the desire to create something meaningful.

Avalon Community

Join "Avalon," our vibrant online spiritual community, a sanctuary where fellow journeyers unite to share, learn, and grow. Avalon is more than just a meeting place; it's a supportive and active network of individuals who, like you, are on a transformative path. Within this nurturing environment, you'll find specialized "circles" for focused discussions, allowing you to delve deeper into topics that resonate with your spiritual journey. Here, in the warmth of our community, you'll discover a sense of belonging and an endless source of inspiration and support.


Way of the Warrior


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Transparent Pricing

Your Investment, Clearly Defined: As part of our commitment to transparency and trust, we clearly outline the value of each component in the Way of the Warrior Medicine Wheel Mentorship. This allows you to see the immense value and care invested in every aspect of your journey.

Medicine Wheel Teachings & Packets: Valued at $1,200, these teachings form the core of your learning, offering in-depth knowledge and practical exercises.

Council Gatherings: With a value of $1,430, these 24 exclusive sessions provide unique teachings and the opportunity for unlimited replay.

Emotional Integration Sessions: Priced at $300, these quarterly sessions offer you invaluable emotional support and growth.

Wisdom Keeper Community Calls: A priceless component, these calls are your gateway to a supportive community and shared wisdom.

Guided Meditations: Over the course of a year, these 52 meditations, valued at over $375, offer a structured and enriching meditation practice.

Sacred Tools Workshops: Choose from a variety of workshops worth $432, each designed to enhance your spiritual toolkit.

Exclusive Membership Clubs: With a value ranging from $180 to $225, these clubs provide additional avenues for exploration and connection.

By joining the Way of the Warrior Medicine Wheel Mentorship, you are not just enrolling in a program; you are investing in a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Understand the value, embrace the journey, and transform your life.


Total Program Value: Over $3,917+


By enrolling in our program, you gain access to a wealth of resources, experiences, and community support far exceeding this value. This total reflects not just the monetary value, but the depth of knowledge, personal growth, and transformative experiences awaiting you on this journey.


Register before March 24th and receive a
$50 credit to use in the Soul Shop

Way of the Warrior


Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with the Way of the Warrior Medicine Wheel Mentorship.

This is more than a program; it's a transformational experience valued at over $3,917, meticulously designed to guide you through the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.

With comprehensive teachings, immersive meditations, and exclusive membership clubs, every step of this journey is an invitation to deepen your connection with yourself and the natural world.

Join our vibrant community in Avalon, engage in meaningful rituals, and embrace a path of growth and enlightenment.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life - reserve your seat in our limited circle today and start a journey that promises not only knowledge but a profound change in the way you view and interact with the world.


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How is this course different than all the others?

The Way of the Warrior offers a unique, comprehensive, and deeply immersive approach that sets it apart from other courses in the realm of Shamanism and empowerment. 


Here's why:

Holistic Curriculum: Our course is not just a series of lessons, it's a transformative journey. By integrating eight different genres of interaction, we offer a wide spectrum of teachings to connect with various learning styles and preferences, creating a richer and more nuanced understanding of Shamanic practices and spiritual empowerment.


Engaging Beyond the Screen: While it is a virtual course, the Way of the Warrior is far from a static online experience. Many of our exercises, rituals, and crafting activities are designed to be performed in various environments - from the heart of nature to bustling urban cities, or even at your dining room table with your family. We encourage our students to step away from their computers and engage with their surroundings, bringing a hands-on, experiential element to the learning journey.


Balanced Learning: We focus on not just imparting knowledge, but also on fostering self-discovery, personal transformation, and spiritual growth. The balance of theory, practical exercises, and community interaction ensures a well-rounded learning experience.


Community-Centric Approach: The Sacred Wheel is not a solitary journey. Our Council Gatherings and virtual community spaces, such as Avalon, facilitate deep connections with like-minded individuals, providing a nurturing environment for shared learning and growth.


Personalized Path: We understand everyone's spiritual journey is unique. That's why we give students the flexibility to engage with the course material in a way that best aligns with their personal interests, goals, and time constraints.


Empowerment through Creation: Unlike many other courses, our students actively create sacred tools and engage in hands-on spiritual craftwork, thus embodying the transformative power of creation in their own spiritual journey.


Nature Connection: Our curriculum deeply entwines with nature, fostering a profound connection to the Earth's rhythms and cycles, something often overlooked in other courses.


Lifetime Access to Resources: All our downloadable content is yours to keep forever, providing a lasting treasure trove of wisdom and guidance even after the course is completed.


When are the Council Gatherings held?

Council Gatherings are held at 1 PM and 4 PM EST on every other Sunday (some modifications are made due to holidays). Each gathering lasts approximately two hours. You can join one or both. If you're unable to join us live, don't worry! Each call is recorded, and replays are made available within the same week.

What if I can't make the live Council Gatherings?

No problem! We provide replays for all Council Gatherings, with the exception of Emotional Integration sessions, Soul Recoveries, or Shamanic Breathwork sessions.

What if I start and can't finish, what is your refund policy?

Refund Policy for Gaia Wisdom School
Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied within the first 14 days of the course. To be eligible for a refund, you must request it within this 14-day period.


After the 14-Day Period
After the 14-day money-back guarantee period, refunds are not available due to the nature of the digital material. However, if you choose to discontinue the course after this period, you can apply 80% of your remaining credit towards other Gaia Wisdom School programs or meditations within the next 12 months.


Payment Plans
For students enrolled on a payment plan, the total cost must be paid in full prior to the end of the course session for which they are registered. Failure to do so may result in loss of access to course materials and other resources.


Early Cancellation and Access Revocation
Should you choose to cancel your enrollment early, either during or after the 14-day money-back guarantee period, all access to course materials will be revoked immediately. This applies to all students, regardless of payment method.

By enrolling in a Gaia Wisdom School course, you agree to abide by this refund and payment policy.

Is there a community aspect to the course?

Absolutely! Our tribe, composed of individuals from all around the globe, creates a vibrant tapestry of community. The community that we've built and nurtured over the years is truly unique and can be considered the 8th wonder of the world.

What makes your Soul Crafting pillar different than just watching a YouTube video to learn how to make a rattle, or a drum, or other sacred tool?

Crafting sacred tools in our Masterclass goes beyond the act of merely creating a tool; it's an immersive, spiritual journey infused with intention, mindfulness, and deep personal connection. When crafting, say, a rattle, you aren't just assembling materials. Instead, you're mindfully creating an extension of yourself – a tool that serves your unique purpose and resonates with your energy.


Our approach under the guidance of Dakota is unlike any other. As a master of infusing profound meaning and symbolism into the crafting process, she encourages students to go beyond the mechanics. She pushes you to engage fully with the energy being created, fostering a relationship between you and your crafted tool. In this way, your tool becomes not just a static object, but a co-pilot in your spiritual journey.


Every step of the crafting process is taken within a sacred space, with each ritual bringing the steps together. The end result is a sacred tool that will not only last a lifetime but also become an integral part of your spiritual family. This profound, personal approach to Soul Crafting is what sets our Masterclass apart from simply following a YouTube tutorial.

How much interaction is there with the instructor?

Dakota is deeply involved with her students. Our Council Gatherings are small, intimate groups to preserve the sacred space. Dakota also engages in the conversations in Avalon as time allows. With the Way of the Warrior, you will also work with Dakota 1:1 on your personal journey.

How long do I have access to the course material?

You'll have indefinite access to all downloadable content, provided you've downloaded it during the course. Council Gathering replays are available only during the semester they are recorded in. Access to each semester's material continues until the end of your enrollment. If you join for the annual trek around the Wheel, you'll remain enrolled for one month beyond the 12.

Do you have payment plans?

Currently, we do not offer payment plans. However, you may choose to pay for the course using a credit card and manage it as a monthly installment payment plan. Or you can choose to finance the course using the option for Afterpay upon checkout.

Are there any specific materials or tools I will need for this course?

The Soul Crafting Interactive classes will often require you to purchase additional crafty type items. The course packets will also include recipes for various things such as making incense, elixirs, potions, etc. and if you choose to make those, they too will incur an additional supply cost. Costs can vary, from minimal for some activities to higher for projects like making a shamanic drum or rattle. We also recommend purchasing a new journal to document your journey.

What are the technological requirements for this course?

To participate fully in the course, you'll need a computer or tablet with internet access and the ability to join live calls. The live calls require a webcam and a microphone. For the meditations, we recommend using headphones for the best experience.

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Welcome to a space where ancient wisdom meets modern soul-searching. 


I'm Dakota, the heart and spirit behind Gaia Wisdom School. My journey spans over three decades of deep spiritual exploration, blending the mystical paths of Celtic Druidry and Shamanism. More than just an author and teacher, I consider myself a Soundscape Alchemist, creating immersive, meditative experiences that resonate with the soul. 


Through my writings here, I extend an invitation for you to journey alongside me. We'll navigate the transformative realms of the Medicine Wheel, applying its age-old wisdom to our contemporary quests for meaning, purpose, and inner peace. 


My teachings are more than philosophical musings; they are practical blueprints for living a life deeply connected with nature and our authentic selves. As we explore together, my aim is to be not just a guide but a fellow traveler, sharing insights and experiences that enlighten, inspire, and rejuvenate. 


Join me in rediscovering the beauty and wisdom that lies within and all around us.

Thank you! Check your inbox shortly for a complimentary meditation!